As representatives for the best manufacturers in the industry we are here to provide you with many top notch services. These include:

If you really want to see how a product looks and performs you have to see in person. We have the capability to come to your location and do onsite demonstrations to show how our products can fit your every application.  For over twenty years we have done demonstrations and have assisted agencies in their requirements.


As always we work very closely with our distributors and we can provide you a full clear and concise quotation. After that we review this with you and make sure that we covering everything you need for your specific project.


Our office is open and staffed five days a week for all your sales needs. We have twenty plus years of dealing with products so our knowledge base is extensive. This makes it easier for us to help identify your needs and take care of your requirements.


No product is 100% perfect. We take service after the sale as an even more important role of our company. If you have a problem we take care of it. Warranty items are handled directly by our office in most instances. We stock a large amount of replacement parts to quickly service your needs in an extremely timely manner.


If you have plans to purchase a new piece of fire apparatus or an ambulance we would like to speak to you. As technology changes so quickly feel free to rely on us to keep you updated on the newest products available for your new piece of equipment. We will come to your location, show you the newest products and then develop a written specification that you can incorporate directly into your primary bid specification. This ensures you get the latest equipment on your new piece of apparatus.

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