Every Hero should have a Sidekick!

April 17th, 2012

Small but bright, SideKick lets them all see the light!


Whelen is proud to announce the SideKick, a new side lighting tool for the new Chevy Caprice and Ford Interceptor Sedan and Utility.

One of the hardest parts of the vehicle to give off axis lighting is the forward panels.  This light fits nicely into the factory trim location on the front fender panels.   Available in all standard colors as well as red/blue split heads with wide angle optics available as well.

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A new Gem in the CenCom line…

March 22nd, 2012

CenCom Sapphire

When technology takes a step up, so do the engineers at Whelen Engineering Company! CenCom Sapphire delivers what you’ve been asking for in a sleek, new, tougher, more advanced design.

CenCom Sapphire adds an integrated WeCan® serial port for connecting your Whelen WeCan series lightbar directly to the Amplifier Control Module. No more bulky wires and secondary boxes to contend with. Just plug in and go!

Indicator LEDs have been added to each output creating a simple, highly visible way to facilitate troubleshooting shorted or broken connections in your vehicle’s wiring. Fuses and connections are easily accessible without having to use any tools or remove any covers. All highcurrent outputs are fused for your convenience. New, heavy-duty power and output connectors can handle rough treatment without damage or accidental disengagement and are easily accessible on the front face of the Amplifier Control Module.

Connections have been consolidated into fewer connector housings, saving time and space. Configuration programming is easier than ever with newly redesigned CenCom Sapphire software. CenCom Sapphire retains the highly regarded simplicity of our previous CenCom software, with new features and added flexibility; including the ability to configure your Whelen WeCan® lightbar!

Ford Interceptor SUV Package….

April 15th, 2011
The NEW Ford Interceptor Utility also was on display at the Oregon Chief’s of Police show. Notice the Odyssey custom cabinet mounted in the rear cargo area.

Ford Police Interceptor Land in Oregon…..

April 15th, 2011

New Ford Police Interceptors lands at the Oregon Chief’s of Police show…

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2011 Dodge Charger’s starting to be delivered….

April 13th, 2011

Dodge has started delivery of the new 2011 Charger Police Package vehicles.  The different body style changes are noticeable. Havis and Whelen have started to offer vehicle specific products designed for this new pursuit vehicle.   The black Charger on the left is our 2010 demo car and the car on the right is the new 2011 Charger.  Contact us for details.

Whelen Introduces LED Pioneer Series with 3/4" Pipe Mount

April 4th, 2011








Whelen has now expanded it’s line of Pioneer Series LED Floodlights. Now available in a 3/4" pipe/pole mount. Allows for easy retrofitting to your existing telescoping poles.

Available with or without an on/off switch on the base and in the single or dual Pioneer versions.

Whelen: PAR46 Super-LED Replacement Spotlights

February 27th, 2011


Download the Brochure – Click Here

PAR-46 Super-LED Spotlights are rated to last 50,000 hours and provide remarkably bright light.

Designed especially for the Unity® Spotlight, PAR-46 Super-LED lights are a drop-in replacement for outdated halogen lamps. Lightweight, low-current and water resistant,
they provide stable light output for thousands of operating hours.

• 12 VDC Super-LED spotlights draw only 2.3 amps and provide more lumens per watt than traditional sources:

Whelen Model P46SLC,  Super-LED 2° Spotlight
2000 Lumens
30 Watts

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