February 10th, 2014
Need Space for the Tallest Officers?
Think Half Cage Pro-cell

     For years, Pro-gard has been known for it’s Pro-cell Prisoner Containment Systems.  The way they compartmentalize the back seat to better confine prisoners is celebrated.
     In  recent years, with the space in Police Package Vehicles diminishing, one of the more popular prisoner containment systems is the P1000. The  P1000, a half cage Pro-cell,  does not impede driver seat space – AT ALL.  You retain full seat function and motion.
     The half partition in the P1000 stops in the center of the back seat, behind the console, leaving the entire SPACE behind the driver completely unobstructed. This allows the tallest officers freedom to set the seat travel and recline as they would normally be able to in a vehicle without a partition.
 The clear, poly carbonate divider panel then splits the back seat in half to completely confine the prisoner to the side behind the passenger seat (and partition). With the seat cordoned off, this opens up the SPACE behind the driver for storage which, is completely off limits to the prisoner.
These features put together with Pro-gard’s affordable pricing should allow any fleet budget the ability to keep officers safe and comfortable while still able to transport a prisoner in the field.

New Premium Cargo Plate from Havis for the Ford Interceptor Utility

January 9th, 2014

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Havis has created a solution to keep your spare tire in place and still have space to mount your aftermarket electronics securely in the Ford Interceptor Utility.  The new premium cargo plate is made with 14gauge formed steel. The plate comes with two gas springs to hold open while accessing the spare tire.  Here’s a list of features and specifications:

Product Features:

  • Premium fold up cargo plate fits 2013-2014 Ford Interceptor utility
  • Plate assembly with fold up equipment platform for mounting electronic components
  • Replaces OEM rear cargo floor / spare tire cover and attaches without drilling holes
  • Equipment to be mounted on the underside of plate for protection (6″ high space from top of spare tire to bottom of plate)
  • Installer must drill and bolt on equipment as desired
  • Door is hinged down in the closed position
  • Works with Havis, inc. K9 inserts or setina, mfg. rear partition
  • Includes two (2) gas springs for assistance in opening or closing door
  • Does not work with retail Ford Explorer
  • Optional floor mat available – 35.5″ wide x 38.5″ long x .188″ thick -heavy duty masticated rubber (part number – KNM01029-K4)

Product Specifications:

  • 14-gauge formed steel with a black medium texture powder coat finish
  • 80 lb maximum weight rating for equipment that is bolted to the underside of platform. (weight evenly distributed)
  • Capable of holding platform in the open position with 180 lbs of evenly distributed equipment weight (combined top and underside of platform)
  • 400 lb weight carrying capacity for cargo stored on top of the platform when closed. (will not hold 400 lbs in open position)
  • Mounting surface for equipment is 37.25″ wide x 31″ deep (front to back) x 6″ high (to top of spare tire)
  • Top of main platform measures – 40.5″ wide x 38″ deep (front to back)
  • Forward trim panel measures – 40.5″ wide x 12″ deep (front to back)
  • Forward trim panel goes up to OEM rear seats or K9 kit Model KK-K9-F18-K (trim panel not used with KK-K9-F18-K-PT)
  • Shipping Weight: 70.00 lbs

New Addition…

July 30th, 2013


        We are proud to announce the addition of Pro-Gard products to our lineup.   We are excited about this new addition allowing us to greater assist our customers with a more complete lineup of products to provide a higher level of protection and safety for officers on the road.

A quick introduction to those of you who might be unaware of who Pro-Gard is.  This company offers more than just “bent metal”.  They offer a variety of safety based products and technologies that help maintain a safe environment for the law enforcement officer, a prisoner in transport and the general public.  Let me give you a quick list:

• Universal Prisoner Transport Partitions of which there are 9 window configurations as well as, airbag compatible wings and rigid wings to match fleet preferences
• Pro-cell Prisoner Transport Systems for total prisoner containment, contraband safe and easy to clean
• Rear Door Panels and Window Armor (offering polycarbonate or steel bar armor) that eliminate access to door latches and prevent escape
• Trunk Organizers, Full Trunk Trays, and Seat Organizers to help officers store and locate gear easily
• Skid Plates to protect vulnerable, vital vehicle components underneath the vehicle
• Ballistic Door Panels with NIJ Level III protection
• AOI Front Passenger and Side Curtain Airbag On/off Switches that legally deactivate the airbag, freeing up more area to mount dash electronics, weapon mounts or rigid paneling without fear of airbag conflicts
• Safestop Vehicle Anti-theft System that protects not only the cruiser against theft but also trunk contents and weapon racks
• Universal Sedan Push Bumpers with or without integrated LED light bars for added protection to the front grill area
• XPush Bumpers that wrap around the front of the vehicle for added protection to both the front grill and headlight areas
• A wide variety of Gun Rack mounting options: Vertical Partition, Horizontal Partition, Self Supporting, Room Mount, and Trunk Mount

When you are ready to order new vehicles, contact us. We are here as a consult on the best options to maximize safety while staying conscious of your budget.