Newly Released: Whelen Carbide


Whelen’s New CenCom Carbide Siren & Switch Controller is making strides for it’s officer safety advances. Based on the decade old CenCom siren switch controller Carbide with CANport can do so much more.

Carbide has the capability to plug directly into vehicles OBD-II port and receive real time vehicle signals:  park brake, brake pedal, transmission positions, any/each door open, hatch door, engine RPM, vehicle speed, fuel level, park lamps, low/high beams, turn signals, doors locked/unlocked, hazard lights, seatbelts status, key switch status, just to name a few!  So without having to cut factory wires, and spending hours to hunt signal wires, a quick software program allows you to do things like this:

  • Opening the driver’s door shuts off the corners of the lightbar as to not blind the officer.
  • Putting the vehicle into park changes the entire car’s flash pattern to a slower less confusing pattern.
  • Putting the vehicle in reverse activates a pair of rear white LED lights.
  • Stepping on the brake pedal during a two car pursuit changes the pattern in the lightbar making it obvious to the officer in the trailing car that the lead car is braking.
  • Exceeding a certain speed changes the flash patterns on the vehicle.
  • Hit the airhorn and have a wall of flashing white light activate or change the lightbar pattern to a more rapid flash rate to clear intersections.
  • Turn your high beams on all white light in the lightbar turns on.
  • Activate your hazards and automatically flash a pair of amber lights in your lightbar synched to the hazards.
  • Put your vehicle in park and automatically shut down lights, go to low power or turn off your emitter.
  • Enable “Hands-Free Lighting” so when you switch from wail to yelp to piercer tone lightbar flash patterns automatically change to increase your visual presence.
  • Perfect for Fire Response Vehicles.
  • Dual siren tone capable.
  • Multiple style control heads available
  • Simple software programming.
  • 5 year warranty.

Contact us for a demonstration of what Carbide can do to increase officer safety and provide an extra layer of protection when responding to emergencies or when you are parked on the roadway. We have two of our demo vehicles fully equipped with Carbide. Ride under Whelen’s protection!

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