Snohomish Co. Fire and Rescue #4 gets a new arrival of their own

February 13th, 2014


February 10th, 2014
Need Space for the Tallest Officers?
Think Half Cage Pro-cell

     For years, Pro-gard has been known for it’s Pro-cell Prisoner Containment Systems.  The way they compartmentalize the back seat to better confine prisoners is celebrated.
     In  recent years, with the space in Police Package Vehicles diminishing, one of the more popular prisoner containment systems is the P1000. The  P1000, a half cage Pro-cell,  does not impede driver seat space – AT ALL.  You retain full seat function and motion.
     The half partition in the P1000 stops in the center of the back seat, behind the console, leaving the entire SPACE behind the driver completely unobstructed. This allows the tallest officers freedom to set the seat travel and recline as they would normally be able to in a vehicle without a partition.
 The clear, poly carbonate divider panel then splits the back seat in half to completely confine the prisoner to the side behind the passenger seat (and partition). With the seat cordoned off, this opens up the SPACE behind the driver for storage which, is completely off limits to the prisoner.
These features put together with Pro-gard’s affordable pricing should allow any fleet budget the ability to keep officers safe and comfortable while still able to transport a prisoner in the field.