Ford Interceptor Consoles from Havis!

February 20th, 2012

Havis is excited to announce that Ford Demonstration Vehicles worldwide will be utilizing our equipment consoles for the Ford Interceptor Sedan and Utility, while designs are nearing completion. This final stage of feedback will ensure that when product is available in March, it will exceed Havis standards for comfort, safety, and quality.

As part of Havis’ continued effort to have the broadest portfolio, Havis has designed two consoles for each interceptor platform. These options better serve the specific needs of customers, and offer up to 200% more internal mounting space than competitors’ products. This design provides space for mission critical controls while achieving OEM-level quality, fit and finish. As always, Havis stands behind its products and proves it with a lifetime warranty.

The low-profile console is a perfect solution for an application with smaller remote-control heads and less equipment. The standard consoles allow for larger equipment control heads to be mounted inside the console without protruding and becoming a safety hazard. Unlike competitors’ products, these consoles allow full access to OEM dash controls, USB ports and power outlets, regardless of model.

  C-VS-1400-INUT                                                     C-VS-1400-INSE

  C-VS-1308-INUT                                                     C-VS-1508-INSE

Transport and Console for the 2011-12 Caprice

February 3rd, 2012

This December, Havis was pleased to announce new console and transport products for the 2011-2012 Chevrolet Caprice. We also announced the Rugged HUB II, the second generation of our Rugged Communications Hub.

Below are the latest products for the 2011-2012 Chevrolet Caprice:

  • New 18″ console for 2011-2012 Chevrolet 9C1 patrol Model Caprice (C-VS-1800-CAPR-1)
  • Console Accessory Box is included with C-VS-1800-CAPR-1 console, and can be added to C-VS-1400LP-CAPR-1 console (C-AB-CAPR-1)
  • K9 Transport System is easy to install and maximizes officer room and visibility while protecting canine partner (KK-K9-C22-K)
  • Interior Window Guard Kit For 2 Windows safeguard windows without sacrificing driver visibility (WGI-C22)
Havis also released the new Rugged HUB II (DS-DA-601), which is being offered at a significantly lower price. The new design of this second generation USB HUB provides an additional USB port and diagnostic LED indicators to monitor port availability, power input and current overage. The strain relief bracket keeps USB cables secure, preventing disconnects and connector damage.